J&J Resources manufactures and distributes textiles & trims for men's and women's outerwear, tailored clothing, sportswear, children's wear, ladies dresses, swimwear and intimate apparel. 
We cater to everyone, from emerging designers to large design groups. We provide a vast selection of shoulder pads, bra cups, linings, interlinings, poly bags, hangers and more. Thanks to a great reputation, J&J is the largest distributor of bra cups in New York City. We have facilities worldwide with warehouses in the Dominican Republic and manufacturing locations in China, Vietnam, Guatemala and Dominican Republic.
Our 20,000 sq ft warehouse in the Dominican Republic stocks the following products:

  • 210T Poly taffeta 
  • 230T Poly Twill
  • Poly Satin
  • Fusible / Weft / Canvas
  • Armhole Tape
  • Shoulder Pads / Sleeve-heads
  • Poly Bags
  • Bra cups

Our Hong Kong office works in sync with our Asian factories. This gives us and our clients extra insurance on quality as well as  clear & consistent communication if you are producing overseas as well.
Jack Kow, a garment industry veteran, has been in the business for 20+ years. He started manufacturing shoulder pads in 1991 and from there and continued to add to more products to essentially create a one-stop shop for designers.  For us, it is all about the relationships we build with our customers and the convenience we provide for them. Please contact us today! 


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